Boys Footy

MJFC Boys Footy

Founding member of the NFNL. MJFC are “50 and Flying”.

We offer three AFL Rules sporting programs for boys aged 4 – 18.


Boys aged 4 - 12 Participants learn the basics of AFL Rules in a fun, non-competitive based environment.

Wonderful introduction to Aussie Rules!

Junior Boys

Competition based AFL Rules football for boys aged 8 - 12 years of age. Boys can play in mixed boys & girls teams or male only teams with their mates.

Youth Boys

Boys aged 13 - 18 years. Single gender competition of mixed grading to match individual skills & abilities. Boys play in teams with their mates. Development pathways open up for more serious players.

Boys Footy @ MJFNC

MJFC are a founding member of the NFNL.  We have been developing quality football programs in the Diamond Valley regions for over 50 years.

Again this year we continue that tradition by proudly offering your son the choice of three (3) award winning programs streams to help them develop and grow.

MJFC are proud to offer your child a safe and fun learning environment to help their development.

We have a current Good Sports Accreditation.

2019 NFNL Club Of The Year

MJFNC Football Director

MJFNC are very honoured and proud to have Ross Henshaw, x2 times North Melbourne Premiership Player as our Football Director.

Ross brings a wealth of experience to MJFNC.

Ross acts as a Mentor to all our coaches.  He helps the coaches with different training drills and has created a development pathway for players that want the next level of challenge from their footy.

MJFNC Boys Footy

MJFNC are proud to offer a range of age groups.

Registrations are now open.

Please note these are PRE-SEASON training nights only. Season training dates may change.
Please check with the club to confirm.

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Learn The MJFC Song

MJFC Club Song

(Sung to the tune of  “The Road To Gundagi”)

We’re A Team

What A Team

We’re The Best You’ve Ever Seen

We Are The Boys / Girls From Magpie Land

While The Other Teams Are Trying

We’ll Have That Flag A Flying

Down Montmorency Way

We’re A Team In The Finals

That’s Where We Will Be

Leaving Other Teams Behind Us

Amazed At Our Speed

Black And White Is Our Pride

And We’ll Battle Side by Side

We Are The Boys / Girls From Magpie Land