Medic (Trainer)

Medic / Trainers Update

This page offers updates and important information for Team Medics.

It is that time of year again when we are asking for volunteers for the winter season ahead.

We Need Team Medics

Yes I can help! Please contact the Club Medical Officer, Samantha Hall for more details.

Are you thinking about becoming a volunteer in your Childs team?

What about becoming a medic or trainer???

You don’t have to have any experience.

MJFNC will put you through a nationally qualified first aid course which is paid for by the club.

In 2019 the first aid course For NFNL clubs is HLTAID003 Provide First Aid/Level 2 First Aid.

This course will be run over 2 nights at the Simms Road Club rooms typically comprising two components

  1. (CPR Component)
  2. (Level 2 First Aid)

First aid must be updated every 3 years, whilst the CPR component requires updating annually.

WHY do we need qualified first aiders and/or trainers?

Sports trainers and first aiders have been part of Australian Football since the origins of the game. They are part of the fabric of every club and play a key role in player preparation and safety at all levels.

The AFL expects that football matches at all levels will be played in good quality environments and the safety of participants is paramount. There is a major focus with risk management particularly focused toward the prevention of, and prompt attention to injuries in Australian Football.

To ensure best outcomes, it is essential that adequate and timely first aid is provided.

In previously published recommendations the AFL has stated that:

  • A qualified first aider is present where participants are under 16 years
  • A qualified sports trainer is present where participants are 16 years and older.

The NFNL bylaws state that there must be at least one person with a minimum of a level 2 /Provide first aid in attendance at a match/competition, otherwise the activity should be postponed, rescheduled or cancelled until such time as a suitably competent person is able to attend.

This policy must be complied with at all youth and senior matches.

This means that we rely on our wonderful parents, guardians and friends to volunteer their time each Sunday to take the field and support our kids.

What is expected of you in the role?

As medics/first aid providers the most important thing to remember is that we are trained to provide help to someone who is injured or ill, and to keep them safe until they are well enough to return to the field or can get more advanced medical treatment and intervention (i.e.: transfer to hospital, GP visit or other health professional referral). Please ensure that you do not operate outside of your scope of practice and the referral process is undertaken if you are ever unsure. It is better to be safe and overcautious than sorry.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing as you will be often required to take the field, sometimes in a hurry. All game day officials must wear the bib appropriate to their level of qualification, as per the NFNL guidelines. In the case of first aiders, the bib will be white with trainer written on the back. It is compulsory to wear this bib for all games.


MJFNC will provide the training.

MJFNC will provide the fully stocked first aid kits for use at training and in the game situation

The medic coordinator Sam Hall, the committee, coaches and team managers are all there to provide support to the kids and to you as our volunteers.

Any Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Sam Hall (Medic Coordinator) MJFNC 2019

Phone number: 0417 545 838


Medical information

The MJFNC view the issue of concussion very seriously. Under no circumstances is a child allowed to participate in any training or a game if there is any risk.

Concussion occurs when, after a blow to the head, there is a brain injury with some immediate disturbance of brain function. Any player showing the signs or symptoms of concussion should be removed from the field immediately and referred to a medical practitioner.

A player, who has suffered concussion with or without losing consciousness, should not participate in any match or training session until he or she is fully recovered and has been cleared by a thorough medical examination. The MJFNC must sight a medical clearance before allowing a player who has suffered concussion to resume playing.

The Medical Certificate is to be held by the Committee or team manager prior to playing and returning from injury. The Medical Certificate is to be attached to the Club Copy team Sheet and returned to the Secretary

As a vital aid to assisted MJFNC Medics in the assessment of head injuries a SCAT2 (Sport Concussion Assessment Toll 2) card is to be kept in the Team medics Kit.

The MJFNC carries medical insurance (GOLD COVER) to assist with the costs should a player need medical treatment as a result of an on-field injury – be it during a game or during training.

Anybody from our club who wishes to make a claim should first visit JLT’s website where they will find full details of the insurance cover and where they can download a claim form.

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